My work is closely associated with the idea of nostalgia and shows disparate objects and evocative characters of a suggested past, incorporating various considerations of temporality. I think the narrative potential of my photographic elements (the ghost, a shroud, a voile) to create visual stories, made with the intention of generating hypotheses about the past, the present and the future. In my work, the confrontation time dimentions is used to make act of nostalgia. It gives birth to informal stories that reveal, in resonance, the impossibility of the return in time, and the impossibility to rewind a story of the Origin. A shroud (suairy), also called mound-shroud or wedding-sheet, is a piece of fabric similar to a cloth in which a shell is made on the human body. The most famous is the Shroud of Turin, which some identify to the Holy Shroud, the revered tissue that would have wrapped the body of Christ and would have retained the imprint. One can also mention in Greek mythology is the shroud woven for Penelope, as she awaits the return of Ulysses, her husband, in Homer's Odyssey.